Digital Marketing Growth Hacks for Startups – Learning series

wework labs sessions

Sumanth Raj Urs

Digital Marketing Lead, Gojek

What makes a good storytelling campaign

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  • Understanding how to conceptualize campaigns
  • Prioritizing formats and campaigns
  • Understanding campaign metrics & optimizing in real-time​

Snaha Basu

Digital Capability Program Lead, Google

Intercepting consumer intent on digital

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  • Moments on Digital
  • Audience cohorts for performance
  • Making the format perform for you

Sumon Chandra

AVP - Growth & Marketing, PocketAces

Growth Hacks to increase revenue

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  • How do you increase stickiness and increase transaction rates?
  • How do you increase DAU/WAU/MAU?
  • How to achieve organic growth in 2020, without spending cash?

Akshay Agrawal

Head - Digital Marketing & Product, XYXX

How to profitably market for eCommerce

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  • Performance Marketing - Case study
  • Organic is not dead - 5 ways to jumpstart your organic
  • Making automation work for you

Roshan Cariappa

Director - Marketing, VYMO

Marketing in a crisis

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  • What changes in a crisis and what should you continue doing
  • Turning a crisis into an opportunity and executing strategically
  • Preparing for life after the crisis and not being under leveraged

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