How to start a career in Content Writing – A Step by Step Guide

become content writer

“Content is king” as the saying goes. It is essential to communicate your idea or product to your customers. Thus, quality content writers are highly sought after by brands.

So what do you need to know to be a successful Content Writer, and how do you land a high paying content writing gig?

You don’t need any literary degree to achieve a high level of success, you just need to ensure the content you produce is able to serve the objectives in the right manner.

Let’s take a closer look.

become content writer

1 Reader Persona

Before starting to write on any topic, the first thing a good writer thinks about is – audience. Are you writing for people with a specific job role or they come from a specific background? Defining a few key identifiers can make your job easy and that too even before you start your research on the topic. 

What all do you need to figure out?

a.              Job Role, Skills of a user
b. Pain points and problems
c.              demographics/ technology they use
d.              Media consumption habits

2 Master a Niche

You can write exceptionally creative and authentic content while you focus on a single niche rather than writing in multiple domains. When you start writing about a few topics in a single niche and continue to write in the same stream for a span of time, it becomes easier to keep producing content on related topics. 

An added benefit of sticking to a niche is that you become more confident with your content and your voice becomes an authority in the industry.

3 Research on the topic

Once a topic is assigned to you, do not rush to open your word editor and start with the introduction of the article. Instead follow these steps.

a.              Keep calm. Take a deep breath. 
b.              Think about the persona of your reader
c.              Research about the topic
d.              Find the articles that support your statements
e.              Make a note of them
f.               Form the outline of your content piece
g.              Now start writing

By following the above sequence, you will never be out of ideas as to what you should be writing in the piece of content.

4 SEO (the content Kingmaker)

To get the most eyeballs on the content you produce, you need to make it search engine friendly. This optimization starts from identifying focused keywords and related search terms which your target audience would likely be searching for. You can incorporate these keywords into your content in a manner that seems natural. Don’t fall into the trap of stuffing keywords into every sentence as this will annoy your readers.

5 Keep it simple

It is not required to be very creative with each sentence of your content. All you need is a touch of simplicity. Choose your words based on your target audience so that they are able to understand and absorb the information easily, allowing you to get your point across effectively.

6 Proofread, edit, proofread

After you finish writing a piece of content, the most important step is proofreading. Since you have written the content, it can be tricky for you to find mistakes. We recommend any of the following methods to polish your content.

a.              Ask your manager/colleague to read the content and give you feedback 
b.              Use a proofreading tool such as Grammarly
c.              Forget that you wrote the content, put yourself in the reader’s shoes and read the content twice (it is not easy. This is what successful writers do the best).


Content writing is a profession with high growth potential for those who understand it well. Writing for humans, whilst keeping the content search engine optimized can be tricky. The key is to focus on research, structure and proof reading.


A great way to sharpen your skills as a digital content writer is to start your own blog. You can also consider joining an online publication as a guest writer or columnist to practice and improve your writing.

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