How to Create A Winning Digital marketing Team

create winning digital marketing team

You’ve heard digital marketing is an effective tool, so you’ve decided to try it for yourself. You’ve hired a freelancer or retained an agency and have been receiving reports about how your Google search rankings have been steadily improving, but it’s still not translating into increased sales.

If this sounds familiar, then you’ve been going about your digital marketing strategy all wrong. But the good news is that it’s never too late to get back on track. 

create winning digital marketing team

Where To Start

For most companies, a great place to start is to hire a Full Stack Digital Marketer, with 4-5 years of experience. This individual would generally have a basic understanding of all of these areas:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Data Analytics and Metrics

As you can see this is a versatile individual with a wide range of skillsets, allowing your company to explore a number of digital marketing channels simultaneously without breaking the bank. 

Over a period of time, you will generate enough data to be able to analyze and understand which marketing channels are most effective for you, and where you should be focusing on. This is a good time for you to move your Full Stack Digital marketer into a leadership role and build a team around them, keeping in mind the following key functions:

  • Acquisition
  • Content
  • Monetization


This team is responsible for lead generation and customer acquisition. They do this by driving traffic to your online properties through paid and organic marketing channels.

The lead generation function is important as it is required to keep a healthy flow of new users coming to your product/service.

This team is also tasked with keeping a track of all relevant metrics and KPIs. These metrics will help you make decisions on which marketing campaigns are effective and can be scaled up, and which are not yielding any results and need to be discontinued.


This team is tasked with maximizing the revenues generated from your online properties and assets. 

This generally happens through A/B testing to increase conversion rates on landing pages and click through rates on emails etc.


This team is responsible for all the content across your digital assets. 

Content generally takes the for of blogs, podcasts, videos infographics and also content curation.

Just like all the other digital marketing functions, the content team will also use research and data to make decisions about what content to create and curate.


Now that you know who to recruit to your team, all you have to do is find these talented individuals.

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